Policies & Guidelines

West Shore Parks & Recreation is committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and inclusive environment within our recreation facilities for all patrons and staff to enjoy. WSPR staff reserves the right to enforce reasonable rules and guidelines for patron conduct within its facilities.

Patron Code of Conduct:

The following behaviour will not be tolerated and is grounds for temporary or permanent suspension from programs and facilities: 

  1. Abusive behaviour or language towards staff or patrons 
  2. Sheltering or loitering 
  3. Theft, vandalism, or property damage
  4. Indecent exposure 
  5. Engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct 
  6. Alcohol and drug use or intoxication 
  7. Smoking and/or vaping
  8. Breaking a program or facility rule 
  9. Committing a criminal offence 

West Shore Parks & Recreation reserves the right to refuse service and/or membership to anyone where it is deemed reasonable and justifiable.



For the safety and enjoyment of patrons and staff please follow these general guidelines:

  • No smoking: the use of tobacco, vapour devices, and marijuana is prohibited on the property
    (CRD Clean Air Bylaw No. 3962)
  • This is a scent-free space, avoid using perfumes and scented products
  • West Shore Parks & Recreation is a community space. Conduct is based on respect.
    RESPECT each other, RESPECT the Opponent, RESPECT the Official, RESPECT the Sport, RESPECT the space

There are some specific guidelines for use in the different spaces at WSPR listed below: