Sustainability at WSPR

We have a responsibility to our community and the environment to operate in a sustainable manner. As part of our approach to serving the community we strive to update our facilities and innovate in a responsible manner where possible to move towards a sustainable future.

As outlined in our policy, we implement change on a daily basis in order to reduce the waste generated, improve efficiency, reduce cost and source materials in a sustainable manner.

Sustainability Policy

The Society maintains a commitment to keep Westshore residents happy and healthy both through direct mental and physical support, and through indirect management plans and practice.

West Shore Parks & Recreation Society (WSPRS) upholds a sustainable approach in all aspects of service to the community. Staff and management continue to determine and drive the technological change through financial commitment from our communities to update and innovate where needed for a more sustainable future.

You can review the entire policy here >

Improvements and Initiatives

Part of this initiative is to demonstrate these improvements and and showcase the efforts and approaches we have made. Below are some of the most recent projects and practices we have implemented.

JDF Childcare Centre & JDF Arena Project

WSPR_Childcare Centre

Leveraging Grants for Better Ice and Going Green by Ian Welle & Kashmira Kaushik