Inclusion & Support

West Shore Parks & Recreation is committed to providing equity, diversity, and inclusion within its organization. This will be achieved through demonstrating and practicing the principals of access, participation and support. As an organization we strive to ensure all community members are able to participate to their full potential.

We recognize unique styles, perspectives, beliefs and creativity that support a diverse, respectful, inclusive and collaborative work in a community environment.

We recognize the unique status and cultural diversity of Indigenous communities and their right to self-determination.


1) Equity: Equity is about fairness. It is the process that removes barriers to ensure access to recreation, health and wellness, child care and employment opportunities. To maintain and enhance the quality of recreation programs and services at West Shore Parks & Recreation, and to ensure fairness, individuals or groups may at times need to be treated differently. Equity addresses the effects of colonization, economic and social disparity, and injustices against marginalized groups, and systemic barriers to access and participation.

2) Diversity: Diversity functions to affirm each individual's unique and varied histories, experiences, and ways of being, knowing, doing and relating. It is about being different and acknowledging and celebrating differences. Our experience and understanding of diversity strengthens us and supports the work we do at West Shore Parks & Recreation.

3) Inclusion: Inclusion is the process through which we build a community where the diversity of human experiences, perspectives, and identities are recognized and respected. Inclusion fosters belonging. It affords everyone the right to participate and strengthen the collective well-being of our communities.