Rec Report Newsletter: January 2024

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Rec Report - January 2024

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Start SMART this New Year

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Ring in the new year with a new goal and a start fresh. To make your New Year’s resolution a success, try creating a SMART goal:

A SMART goal stands for:

  • S – Specific: Make your goal small and specific.
  • M – Measurable: Make sure your goal is measurable, so you can track your progress.
  • A – Achievable: Break your goal down into steps, so it is reasonable and achievable.
  • R – Relevant: Set your goal in alignment with your values and make it reasonable.
  • T – Time-Based: Set a timeline to complete your goal and break it down, so you can achieve it in steps with a realistic end date.

Get inspired this New Year with a group fitness class! New this Winter:

Family Fitness (6yrs+) – Get your whole family moving and motivated in this fun fitness class. Work together and inspire a healthy active lifestyle for overall health and wellbeing. Guaranteed to cause a smile!

Dance Fit Brazil – Temperatures will rise as you move to the rhythms of Samba, Funk, and Forro! Enjoy the quick beats and variety of dance styles for a full body cardio workout.

Youth Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Move through a Vinyasa Flow Yoga sequence to activate foundational muscles, then relax into restorative postures. Classes will focus on breath work, flexibility, and mindfulness to ease stress and anxiety.

Flex and Flow – Stretch and strengthen the entire body in this flow style class. This invigorating, conditioning workout fuses Yoga, Pilates, and balance work.

Starting back to the weightroom? Try an orientation to familiarize yourself with the equipment and make your workout safe and effective. $23 per individual orientation. To schedule, please call 250-474-8617.

Dungeons, Dragons, Dodgeball & More

board games

 A safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for youth 11-18, The Shore youth room is open for all sorts of offerings in the coming year. The dedicated youth program team at WSPR is working hard to expand the spectrum of activities beyond sports and recreation to ensure there's something for everyone.

Youth can also take advantage of our FREE afterschool and evening drop-in programs featuring sports, art, swimming, skating, and snacks. Check out the schedule and bring the crew for an easygoing, enjoyable time! 

NEW programs start in January - explore programs and register now to reserve your space.


Dungeons & Dragons Club (13-17yrs):
Tuesdays: 4:45-5:45PM
$35.00 / 7 weeks

Looking for adventure? Do you have a passion for storytelling, and a love for fantasy? Look no further! Welcome to The Shore’s Dungeons & Dragons club! Join our Dungeon Master on a campaign and explore and let your imagination run wild in a world of magic, monsters, and endless adventure! So, grab your dice, prepare your character sheet, and get ready to join our guild! - No experience necessary!

Youth Board Game Mixer (13-17yrs):
Tuesdays: 3:30-4:30PM
$35.00 / 7 weeks

Enjoy strategy, creativity, and critical thinking? Each week participants will come play a different board game like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Risk. Join us for a journey of fun and learning as we explore the realm of board games.

Dark Horse Athletic (6-11yrs):
Mondays: 5:30-6:45PM
$165.00 / 6 weeks

Get ready to ignite your child's athletic journey with training from world-class athletes! West Shore Parks & Recreation proudly welcomes Dark Horse Athletic to our lineup of kids' sports programs, and we are bursting with excitement about this partnership.

Dark Horse's training programs are all about empowering young athletes aged 6-11 by enhancing their physical literacy skills, boosting their confidence, and, most importantly, ensuring they have a blast along the way.

So, who is Dark Horse, and what makes them great? Watch their video to find out, then sign up to secure your spot, and let the games begin!

Youth Handball (10-14yrs):
Wednesdays: 6:30-7:30PM
$67.50 / 6 weeks

Discover the excitement of handball! Our program is designed to introduce youth to the world of handball, a dynamic and fast-paced sport that promotes physical fitness, teamwork, and skill development. No experience necessary.

Youth Dodgeball 10-14yrs):
Wednesdays: 5:15-6:15PM
$67.50 / 6 weeks

Each week participants will get the chance to play a variety of styles of dodgeball, such as Doctor, Bench Ball, “Fireball” and more! All levels welcome – no experience necessary.

Patron Profile: Kyle Mitchell a.k.a. Kydo Klownz

Kyle Mitchell making balloon animals

In the vibrant community of WSPR, there's one individual who stands out like a sparkly sequin shirt in a sea of workout tees. Since the '90s, Kyle Mitchell – a.k.a. “Kydo Klownz”, has been a fixture at WSPR, witnessing its evolution from a humble library pool to the all-in-one facility we know and love today, and leaving positive energy and creativity in his wake.

From the time his kids were tots, the family participated in swim lessons, Timbit soccer, and baseball. Kyle’s support for his son's journey to nationals and serving as the Vice President of the Royals adds a touch of royalty to their WSPR legacy.

The fun doesn't stop there! A gymnast-and-tumbler-turned-entertainer, Kyle has mastered everything from juggling to fire-eating. With his menagerie of balloon creatures from dragons that fly on kids’ arms to unicorn hats, Kydo Klownz brings the party to every social gathering, including a daily delivery of balloon dogs (and reindeers during the holiday season!) to WSPR’s reception lobby.

What Kyle found at WSPR is a family-centered haven. From mom and baby activities to the senior center where crafts, cards, dancing, and lunches abound, he’s found a treasure that caters to everyone in the family. In the WSPR universe, there's no need to go anywhere else – it's a one-stop destination for everyone’s diverse interests.

For those looking to follow in his footsteps, Kyle offers some valuable tips: know that there is a plethora of activities at WSPR for all walks of life and interests; and recognize that there's a path for everyone – just ask the right questions.

So, next time you're at WSPR and you spot someone in a snazzy shirt surrounded by a cloud of balloons, you'll know you've found the koolest klown in town – the one who embodies the true spirit of WSPR, making it a place where everyone can belong and have a balloon-tastic time!

Most Valuable You

Most Valuable You graphic

As 2023’s ‘Most Valuable You’ staff recognition program comes to a close, WSPR is thrilled to recognize the positive contributions of 50 employees. Through this campaign, awards were given to individuals whose efforts exemplify the core values and competencies of the organization. From smiles to lifesaving, our team works hard to support each other and provide the Westshore communities with top-notch programs, facilities, and service. Please join us for the final round of THANK YOUs to these team members for their ongoing dedication and impact!

Le V.: For nailing it in the Q Centre concession and making the best burgers at the last minute.
Devon W.: For successfully handling a medical emergency and pool shutdown.
Maija D.: For successfully handling a medical emergency and pool shutdown.
Thairyn N.: For successfully handling a medical emergency and pool shutdown.
Abigail Y.: For successfully handling a medical emergency and pool shutdown.
Krista E.: For the support and personal wonderful-ness she provides the fitness/wellness team. 
Sarah S.: For her attitude and positivity, support to all departments and advocacy for people in need.
Cameron M.: For the depth of communication and relationships build with the kids in the program.
Mariana M.: For her initiative and creating ways to engage youth, and ongoing helpfulness.
Danielle T.: For her communication, dedication, compassion and customer service.  
Chantelle B.: For her diligence and ability to create positive patron experiences in the technology realm. 
Helena F.: For her great attitude and bringing new ideas to the team.
Sheri R.: For her high quality of work, extra support and kind ethics. 
Laurie P.: For her ability to find solutions and provide exceptional customer service.
Tristan W.: For managing a time-sensitive project and tight timelines successfully.
Langford IT: For their ongoing support in keeping WSPR connected and functioning.
Katherine C.: For her diligence in processing swim registrations and assisting customers.
Julie C.: For her excellent customer service and supporting co-workers.
Lori J.: For her excellent customer service and supporting co-workers.
Al N.: For his support on the desk and around the facility.

Thank you, team!

2024 LIFE Program

LIFE graphic

Leisure Involvement For Everyone (LIFE) assists individuals and families with low incomes to access recreation services and programs at all municipal recreation centres in Greater Victoria. With 52 free visits per year, the LIFE program helps families connect and get active.

The 2024 LIFE Application is now available online and at reception (JDF Recreation Centre). Simply complete the 2024 application form and return it to reception along with your proof of income and proof of residency in the Westshore.

Please note, acceptable proof of income is either a copy of your Canada Revenue 2021 or 2022 Notice of Assessment, or WSPR's Adjudicator Form. To obtain a copy of your Notice of Assessment (NOA), call Revenue Canada at 1-800-959-8281 or visit Canada Revenue NOA.

If you applied for a 2024 LIFE pass in December, you may now pick up your sticker for the back of the pass card at reception.

Generation Health Program

Generation Health graphic

A FREE 9-week program to inspire healthier BC families. Learn how families with children ages 8-12 can make small changes to feel better inside and out and have fun doing it! Program runs Wednesdays 6:30-8:30PM from January 17th – March 13th, 2024, at West Shore Parks & Recreation. Email or call for more or 1-888-650-3141.


Upcoming Holiday Hours

NEW! We're open a full day on family day! Stay tuned for special activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Family Day February 19 6AM-10PM

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