Rec Report Newsletter: October-November 2023

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WSPR Rec Report Newsletter - October/November, 2023

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Newsletter Spotlight

Patron Profile: A Superhero Among Us

Trevor Davis wearing medals

In the 1980s, a comic book hero with dynamite for muscles captivated a young Trevor Davis. Trevor, a bold 12-year-old who wanted to stop the bullies, was inspired by the hero and decided to work on building up his own muscles. Transforming his aunt and uncle’s unheated Newfoundland basement into a personal gym, he started slowly and learned to harness his body’s powerful potential. Today, Trevor is a multi-record-holding powerlifter and is a true testament to all that can be achieved through dedication and self-discovery.

His qualities of character and strength propelled him to achieve record-breaking bench press lifts at the World Police and Fire Games. In 2017, he set an astounding record of 420 pounds, which remains unbroken to this day. His performance continued in 2023, when he lifted 413 pounds, once again securing his place among the world's elite weightlifters.

Trevor has always found weightlifting success through lifting at local recreation centres. In the words of this world record holder, “community rec doesn’t mean it’s not a big-boy gym!” The clientele creates a supportive culture with space to grow and be nourished, the equipment is good and getting better, and the casual atmosphere keeps the intense pressure at bay. And, if you want to go for a jacuzzi, a swim, or a trail run to supplement a workout, it’s all right here.

In addition to finding a great space to train, Trevor uses some solid mind-over-matter techniques to get him where he wants to go. Here are some of his top tips:

  1. Pick your poison: Take it easy and enjoy chips and Netflix now (but suffer later – it will happen!), or suffer through the healthy decisions now and avoid pain later.
  2. Support your goals: Choose appropriate activities for the outcome you want, and get input from people who know more than you. The most well-intentioned workout won’t do you justice if you’re on a different path.
  3. Give it a try: Explore different activities and see what the body is capable of. If the body says no, it’s an opportunity to adjust and move forward.
  4. Finish off with a nice cold glass of chocolate milk. Seriously! It has all the components the body needs for post-workout recovery.

Trevor is quick to mention that while his medals and records are cool, he is more focused on building resiliency and being a force for good in the community. In honour of his late Mom, he has created a charitable organization, the Maxine Davis Christmas Care Project. The organization has supported the Cridge Centre for the Family for the past 20 years by funding Christmas hampers, initiating a special Mother’s day celebration, and hosting Friday pizza parties for families and individuals transitioning through abusive situations.

He takes a creative approach to fundraising, such as hosting outdoor movie nights and selling handmade customized concrete paving stones like poppies and dog paws. Trevor’s passion has drawn in others from the community and his organization now provides the most non-corporate funding for the Cridge Centre.

Trevor's story reminds us that true success is not only measured in personal achievements but also in the positive impact we have on the lives of others. Although he heads home to Newfoundland this fall to support his family, he maintains his commitment to charitable work. He knows he has so much more in the tank and we look forward to seeing where his journey takes him next. We thank him for his invaluable support and hope to welcome him back soon to say hello!

Please head over to Facebook and support the heartfelt work of The Maxine Davis Christmas Care Project:

Fall Pollinators

Sunflower with pollinator bees

Choosing pollinator-friendly plants is essential for the good health and beauty of a garden. Bees and butterflies play a vital role in plant reproduction and ensure flowers, fruits, and vegetables can flourish. By consciously opting for plant species that attract these pollinators, you not only enhance the productivity of your garden but also elevate its aesthetic appeal.

Among the plants we have thoughtfully integrated into our gardens, both for their value in encouraging pollinators and as excellent choices for fall foliage, are:

  • Sunflowers
  • Bee balm
  • Coneflowers
  • Salvia
  • Fruit trees

Plant a few of your favourites and watch your garden transform into a thriving oasis of natural beauty and ecological significance! Let us know how it goes; share your fall pollinator pics on social media with #wsprfallpollinators.

Multi-Sport & Physical Literacy for Kids

Group of kids on sports field

Get ready to ignite your child's athletic journey with training from world-class athletes! West Shore Parks & Recreation proudly welcomes Dark Horse Athletic to our lineup of kids' sports programs, and we are bursting with excitement about this partnership.

Dark Horse's training programs are all about empowering young athletes aged 6-10 and 11-14, by enhancing their physical literacy skills, boosting their confidence, and, most importantly, ensuring they have a blast along the way.

So, who is Dark Horse, and what makes them great? Watch their video to find out, then sign up to secure your spot, and let the games begin!

And what about your little dynamos who are up early and raring to go? Richardson Sports is expanding their introductory multi-sport preschool programs with sessions on Tuesdays (9:15-11:15AM) and Saturdays (8:30-9:45AM). These are in addition to Wednesday and Thursday evening programs.

Why you'll love our multi-sport programs:

  • Sporty variety! From soccer kicks to basketball hoops and everything in between, your child will experience a smorgasbord of sports, discovering their favorite along the way.
  • Skills and fun! Experienced coaches will teach your kids sports skills while making sure they're having an absolute blast.
  • Healthy habits! Early exposure to sports sets the foundation for an active and healthy lifestyle. Plus, it's the best way to wear them out for a solid nap later 😉

So get ready to lace up those tiny sneakers, grab the water bottles, and register now to make sports the highlight of your child's day!

Pro-D Day Camps

child riding a horse
Horseback Riding (6-13 years):

Saddle up, partner, and giddy up for the most awesome adventure! In horseback riding camp, you'll not only master the art of riding but also learn all about horse care and safety. Cedar Vista Stables has the friendliest school horses, and the instructors are so patient while you learn the ropes. We make sure it's all about having a BLAST and gaining a deep appreciation for these magnificent creatures.

Boost your confidence, find your balance like a pro, and experience newfound coordination skills that will help you take all of your activities to the next level.

Visit and search the course codes below to register:
11693 October 20
11695 November 24

Engineering for Kids (8-12 years):

Gear up for an exhilarating day! Dive into the mesmerizing Minecraft universe, where teamwork and ingenuity rule when it comes to cracking engineering challenges! In the afternoon, use your engineering prowess to defend your castle from Medieval threats. Get ready to engineer the unimaginable in a day packed with fun and excitement!

Visit and search the course code below to register:
11672   October 20

If you're looking for a season-long program, Engineering for Kids has fun and engaging programs that promote learning:

11636   Engineering for Kids: Jr. Aerospace Engineering (5-7 yrs) 
11628   Engineering For Kids: Robotics 101 with LEGO® EV3 Robotics (8-12 yrs)
11608   Engineering For Kids: Homeschoolers - Engineering 101 (6-10 yrs)
11630   Engineering For Kids: Apprentice Marine Engineering (8-12 yrs)
11629   Engineering For Kids: Jr. Marine Engineering (5-7 yrs)

Skateboard Camps: Empowering Youth

girls skateboard camp

Equity Across the Board Skateboard Camps were a huge hit this past summer! These camps empowered 78 kids, offering them the opportunity to master foundational riding skills such as foot placement, balance, pushing, turning, stopping, and even how to gracefully handle falls (because even the best riders take a tumble sometimes!). In no time, they were all zipping around the brand-new Thrifty Foods Skatepark at West Shore Parks & Recreation.

The success of these programs was made possible by the generous support of the Government of Canada through the Community Sport for All Initiative and the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association. We extend our gratitude for helping us break down barriers and boost sports participation among underrepresented communities.

In case you missed the grand opening festivities, we invite you to watch our timelapse video showcasing the remarkable transformation brought to life by the dedicated crews during the construction of the skatepark.

Most Valuable You graphic

'Most Valuable You'

Have you seen our fancy award board featuring all of West Shore's amazing team members? Be sure to check it out, just down the hall between reception and the pool viewing entrance. Please join us in saying a big THANK YOU & CONGRATULATIONS to the latest recipients of the MVU award:

Kaitlyn W., for enthusiastically learning a new skill set, asking questions to learn more, and adding her own personal flair to program promotions.
Bobbi N., for her passion for the community and integral role in bringing the Thrifty Foods Skatepark to life!
A motivating manager, for supporting the team with creative ideas and training.
Bernie C. & Pam Y., for training new reception staff and always being available for questions.
Mariah W., for her willingness to help, learn new skills, and build relationships with enthusiasm and a smile.
Rob W., for his support during a first aid call.
Hamish B., for his positive attitude and problem-solving approach to challenges.
Sarah S., for her smiles and skill in processing payroll and having everyone paid on time!
Audrey F., for being so helpful with patrons and bringing a chipper, positive attitude to work.
Shekinah L., for providing amazing leadership to swim instructors, assisting wherever needed, calm and positive demeanor, and outstanding communication skills. 

The ‘Most Valuable You’ Recognition Program recognizes the outstanding efforts of the staff, to celebrate those who step in when needed, demonstrate a willingness to make this place better, grow into the challenges that arise, and embody the values of the organization.

Thank you all - you really do help make WSPR the perfect place to play... and work!

Feel like you're a good fit for this awesome team? Join us! View all job opportunities and apply today! 

You, too, can recognize a WSPR team member for being amazing!

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