Service Impacts Due to Roof Replacement

JDF Recreation Front entrance
Upcoming Construction Project to Impact Foot and Traffic Access

Westshore Parks and Recreation September 27, 2023 — In the interest of providing our valued patrons with timely information, we would like to inform you of an upcoming construction project scheduled to commence in the first week of October. Over the next two months, we will be undergoing essential renovations as a contractor replaces the roof membrane on our pool and surrounding space.

Key Details:
  1. Caution Zones: During the construction period, there will be designated caution zones where materials will be collected for removal. We kindly ask all visitors to exercise caution and adhere to safety guidelines when approaching these areas.
  2. Delivery Trucks: Periodically, delivery trucks will be utilizing a portion of our parking lot space to facilitate the transportation of construction materials. While this may impact parking availability, we will make every effort to minimize inconvenience.
  3. Back Road Closure: One significant change to note is the temporary closure of the back road. This measure is necessary to ensure the safe removal of the existing roof membrane. Traffic will be restricted from moving through this area for the duration of this phase. Please plan your routes accordingly.

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